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Our mission is to support health sciences based on a community-, data-, and technology-driven approach to health, thereby enhancing the mental and physical health of people and societies. The Health SciTech’s focus is defined by “Technology” which refers to preventive care, patient care, and patient safety through the application of sensing technologies (e.g., Internet of Things and Wearable Technology), mobile computing and effective data management methodologies.



ZotCare is a dynamic and flexible multi-layer (sensor-smartphone-cloud) platform built as part of our NSF SCC UNITE project which provides a variety of services necessary to run a human study trial in one place.

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A home-based, culturally and language specific intervention for dementia family caregivers: stress reduction and education with wearable technology for health

Our program aims to build caregiving and stress-management skills in family caregivers of persons with dementia or mild cognitive impairment. The study involves remote monitoring using wearable sensors, home visits, and follow-ups. This research is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jung-Ah Lee’s group at UCI (

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